Before you start

Before any development, feature request or bug report, you should get and use the development version of Bos Wars. The next section explains how to get the development version.

Before starting a new development, contact us to check if it fits in the game and if nobody else is working on it.

Development version

The game is continuously evolving. You can get the latest version with subversion:

  svn co svn:// boswars

Before playing you'll have to compile the engine. This can be done easily with the tool. To build a debug version (recommended for development) run:

  ./ debug

Finally, you can run the game with :


You can also compile using visual c++ by opening up the bos.sln file.

See the Bos Wars FAQ and the documentation next to the sources for more information.

You can browse the source code via viewvc.

Some sources for the material used in the game can be found here:

  svn co svn:// materials.bos

The sources of the web pages can be found here:

  svn co svn:// public_html.bos

Old development done before december 17th 2004 can be found in the CVS repository.

Report bugs and patchs

The BosWars team appreciates all feedback. You can help by many ways: translations, documentations, graphics, musics, bug reports, etc. Not only code.

Please report bugs in the Bug Tracker.

Patches (of all kinds: code, documentations, translations, graphics, musics) are welcome in the Patch Tracker.


Discussion and work on the game happens mostly on irc (channel #bos on Logs of the irc channel are available at

You can also reach us via the bos-dev mailing list. Posting on the mailing list is only allowed for people who subscribed to the list.

Designs and some documentation are written in the Bos Wiki. Don't hesitate to add your comments and ideas.