Version 2.8

After about a decade, a new release of Bos Wars has arrived. Enjoy all improvements and fixes with Bos Wars 2.8. Thanks to all who contributed.

Another release should follow soon. It will modernize the engine a bit and improve some small annoyances in the game.


Seul, who kindly hosted the repositories of the Boswars project, does not have a Subversion server running anymore. The repositories moved to Codeberg.

To move, the repositories migrated to Git. That will also ease development and collaboration.

Version 2.7

After a lot of efforts and delays, please give a warm welcome to Bos Wars 2.7. This release adds new maps, new terrains, new units and improved campaigns (including an extensive campaign called 'Islands'). Version 2.7 also sees the introduction of the shipyard which can build water scouts and destroyers. Next to all those additions, the editor and the engine got improved and many bugs were fixed. Thanks to all who worked on this release.

Version 2.6.1

Today we have released Bos Wars 2.6.1. This version fixes a few bugs and is compatible with Bos Wars 2.6.

Version 2.6

Today we have released Bos Wars 2.6. Bos Wars 2.6 uses a new patch based system for maps. The editor now also works with patches. The patch editor provides a convenient interface to set the accessibility flags (water, road, and so on). New units have been added and many old bugs have been fixed. Read the CHANGELOG for all the details.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release.


The map add-ons for the development version are now available. Give them a try.

Version 2.5

After some fixes, we are proud to announce Bos Wars 2.5. As seen in the preliminary version, this version adds recyclable buildings and beautiful explosions using particle graphics.

Jim also insists that the start position in campaign level 5 got fixed as he explained on IRC: " i know people are looking forward to that change".

Preliminary 2.5 Version

A new version of Bos Wars is coming. You can try out the preliminary version Bos Wars pre2.5. This version features recyclable buildings and beautiful explosions using particle graphics. You will also find some graphical improvements, bug fixes and new maps.

Version 2.4.1

After less than a month Bos Wars 2.4.1 is here. This update uses a new map layout, fixes a load/save bug and makes OpenGL a run-time option.

Version 2.4

Bos Wars 2.4 has been released ! This new version features a brand new rate-based economy that completely replaces the old system of harvesting resources. The new system uses energy and magma. Now, you consume resources as they are being produced instead of making one large up-front payment. Other changes include a new tutorial, new translations, and several bug fixes.

Happy gaming.

Preliminary 2.4 version.

The preliminary version of Bos Wars 2.4 is ready ! This version introduces a completely new rate-based economy. Energy is produced by power plants and magma by magma pumps. Building also consume resources continously instead of requiring an upfront payment. With all those changes, we rebalanced the units a bit, but more tuning will probably come. We also hope to ship a more complete tutorial with explanations about the new economy in the final 2.4 version.

Tell us your gaming experience and about eventual bugs. We wait for your feedback before the final 2.4 version. Happy gaming.

New gameplay and help wanted.

The next release will have a completely new gameplay. The economy system switches to a rate based economy. For this release and the next ones, all help is welcome. Graphics, modeling, bug hunting, programming, documentation, beta testing and so on, all need help.

First release of Bos Wars.

Bos Wars 2.3 has been released. This is the first version with the new name and that integrates the engine. This version also supports Lua 5.1.

Development will now concentrate on new gameplay mechanics. After that, new maps and campaigns can be created.

Project renamed to Bos Wars.

Invasion - Battle of Survival has been renamed to Bos Wars.

Merge of the Stratagus engine into the BOS project.

To speed up development, the Stratagus engine has been merged into the BOS project. Due to the merge, the subversion URL has changed. You can find all details in the development page.